Paypal – Google Play E-Gift Card Membership UK

Paypal – Google Play Gift Card Payment – Fast & Easy UK Only

How to pay for membership by Google Play e-gift card UK only, we have introduced this option as a lot of people seem to really not understand bitcoin or how to use it, its not our preferred payment method and we will have to exchange it to bitcoins manually so it means that we will be charged large fees to exchange the gift card which is usually 50% of the card value.


3 Months UK Membership by Google Play E-Gift Card £50 Gift Card

Click Here to Pay and Purchase your Google Play E-Gift Card – £50 UK

Use this email address: [email protected] as the gift card address to send the card to.

(We use a PM.ME email address as Argos sometimes restrict bulk card orders.)

Important when sending gift card:

1.)Box one – Their Email: put our email address.

2.) Box 2 – Your name/s: Put Your Name & Email

Box3.) Your Note: Put your name & Email Address (this allows us to track your order without it we cant track your order easily).
3.) Take a screen shot of the form before you click add to cart so you have a record of what you put on the card you sent to us.

Once you have completed the payment for the gift card using our links
Click here to email us confirmation of payment

Important: Google Gift Cards must be directly emailed to us at the email address provided at the top of the page directly from Paypal / Google do not email them indirectly use our link to purchase the gift card in UK £’s